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To me, the story of America is

the story of the underdog.

From: Daymond John

I like to tell people that my own story proves the American Dream is very real. 

I grew up in Hollis, Queens. My dad left when I was 10. My dyslexia made it difficult to even get through high school. 

I didn’t let that stop me.

Since I took my first steps, my mother always told me to believe in myself, dream big, and if I want something, go out and get it.

As a Kid, I Watched the Bright Lights of the Empire State Building from My Bedroom Window
30 Years Later, I Owned Three Floors of the Empire State Building

This country made it possible for someone like me to launch my startup with little more than $40 and a dream. And I grew that into a $6 billion fashion empire. 

I couldn’t have done it without my first angel investor, my mother.

Her basement wasn't much different than the garages that launched Disney, Harley Davidson, and Amazon.

My mother had the guts to back me before anybody knew who I was.

Her decision to bet on me changed both of our lives.

That's why this mission is very personal.

Now, it’s time to pay it forward.

When you’re an angel investor, you’re not just a face in the crowd. You matter to every startup, the founders, and their futures.

History is about to repeat itself. Only this time, You are a part
of the story

I’m recruiting an army of “Unsung Heroes…”

Main street angel investors from coast to coast.

Electricians, brain surgeons, construction workers, schoolteachers, lawyers, and engineers…

People of all ages, educations, and backgrounds…  

All are welcome.

There is the potential to become an angel investor in "the next" Airbnb, Uber, or DoorDash before anybody has heard of them.

Which piece of the pie would you prefer? You no longer have to settle for the table scraps.

I’ve called in every favor.

I’ve Enlisted Many of America’s Greatest Rockstar Angels and Entrepreneurs in this Mission.

Take my friend David Weisburd. 

In 10th grade, he invented a program that tricked PayPal into prepaying for tickets to sporting events that he would instantaneously flip to StubHub. 

That made him a multimillionaire before he turned 21. 

PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel was so impressed that he became one of David’s first angel investors. 

Deal flow is how David and my team of rockstar angels backed Coinbase, Robinhood, Palantir, 23andMe, and Airbnb when they were startups – long before they went public and became worth billions of dollars.

Just look at how high these companies soared after their earliest angels got in…

Our Deal Flow
Is Now Your Deal Flow

Together, we’ll harness the power of the network effect.

This could make us unstoppable.

By tapping into our collective intelligence, expertise, and connections, we can discover the future American visionaries before the world knows them by one name like Musk, Bezos, Gates, or Jobs.

By working together, I believe we can help those rockstar founders win and help their startups become unicorns.

Together, we could help create more high-paying American jobs than any venture capital firm.

Listen, angel investing is speculative. You can lose money on these deals. 

Fortunately, you can make small bets, often as little as $50, and studies spanning decades have proven that you could earn 1,650X more than you would betting on regular stocks. 

I’m ready to get to work.

Every Month, the Founders of Two of Our Country’s Hottest 1,000X-Caliber Startups Will

Pitch You in Live Hot Seat Sessions.

You’ll have a chance to look those entrepreneurs in the eyes and hear their answers to our rapid-fire questions. 

The Angels & Entrepreneurs (A+E) team will grill them on their qualifications, business models, future plans... nothing is off-limits. 

It’s time to make these visionary founders earn your money and the money of everyone in the A+E Network.

Game Plan
for Every Deal

Day 1:
Review That Startup’s Due Diligence Package

Every founder must share their pitch deck, latest financials, revenue projections, proprietary technology, patents, partnerships, and any deal they’re working on – at any stage.

You’ll receive the independent research that’s been compiled by the analysts working behind the scenes at the A+E Network. Every angel investor is different. And everyone invests at their own risk tolerance. But no one should invest in anything beyond their means. So my team will go the extra mile to give you the information you need to make smart decisions.

Plus, my team will take you step by step through the deal with our Deep Dive Video Review, Angel Investor Action Plan, and SWOT Analysis.

Day 2-6:
Work Together in the Virtual Boardroom

In our virtual boardroom, members can participate in a series of live debates that will delve deeper into each startup.

Breakout Rooms offer even more focused conversations in smaller groups with people who share your excitement for that deal. The team will provide you with free videoconferencing software.

Plus, you can launch your own local A+E chapter and invite members to your favorite restaurant, bar, or coffee shop to network and discuss our startups.

Day 7:
Put the Rockstar Founders in the Hot Seat

Imagine an entrepreneur tells you he launched his startup after his flight got canceled.

Instead of accepting his fate, he asked if he could use his credit card to book an empty 747 plane. Sounds crazy, right? It was… until Boeing said “YES.”

Next, the founder tells you he borrowed a blackboard and wrote…

“One-way: $39 to the Virgin Islands!”

Then, he filled up the flight with all the bumped passengers. Today, that founder’s startup is known as The Virgin Group and owns 5 different airlines, is worth $7.6 billion, and employs 65,000 people.

What if you had the chance to back that rockstar founder before the world knew him as billionaire Richard Branson? Would you have said “yes?”

Let’s find out…

Help Those Rockstar Founders and Their Startups Win

With our Exclusive Rewards System, you’ll earn points for reviewing Due Diligence Packages, participating in Virtual Boardroom discussions, attending Hot Seat Sessions, and much more. 

You can redeem your points for an ever-growing list of rewards including electronics, gift cards, and even cash. 

Traditionally, only the biggest angels and VCs receive Investor Updates. Not with our mission. 

It doesn’t matter if you invest $50, $50,000, or nothing at all. You’ll receive Investor Updates for every startup.

Even better, founders will always ask for your help, and they could make it worth your while.

Maybe one of those rockstar founders will ask if you know someone who’d be a perfect fit for a new COO or graphic designer position. Or maybe they’ll ask if you can introduce them to a new client. 

You never know… help them and they might just reward you with free shares in their startup even if you’ve never invested.

Every Year

We’ll Celebrate Our Success

at the Retreat

The Gold Membership Card in your Welcome Package means you and a guest are invited to attend! 

Our rockstar A&E team will be there.

You can shake their hands and tell them your story. 

We’ll also have a VIP line-up, including the founders of the newest startups on our radar.

The search for the next generation of American visionaries begins today.

We’re launching our mission with two exciting startups. Both have passed our 1,000X test.

1,000X Startup Deal #1

The telehealth industry is on track to reach $636 billion in the years ahead.

This startup not only offers “doctors on demand” for virtual consultations, but they also will prescribe and deliver the medication to your house within hours.

1,000X Startup Deal #2

Invented by graduates of Harvard, MIT, Duke, and Berkeley, this startup offers students digital tutors that use 10-minute “microlessons” to improve outcomes on tests such as the SATs and ACTs.

The “E-learning” industry is projected to hit $1 trillion, making this an area where many startups will be transformed into unicorns.

I’m Dedicating This Mission to My Mother,

My Mentors, and Every Main Street Angel Investor Who Made an Entrepreneur’s American Dream Come True.

Angel investing puts you in control of your own destiny. 

So you should choose the membership level below that meets your personal goals. 

The team initially proposed an annual rate of $599.

But you’ll notice our Gold level is only $39. It costs millions to run a venture like this. 

But thanks again to the network effect, we were able to spread the costs around to bring the subscription rate down… significantly.

Each level includes every feature you heard me discuss today.

Each level includes a $5 donation to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to help our future leaders get the training they need to create jobs in their communities.

Each level also comes with a Money-Back Guarantee.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Take the first 60 days to test-drive everything. Every startup we’ll showcase will have 1,000X potential, whether that’s over months or years. However, if you don’t like what you see, you can receive a 100% refund.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the VIP Concierge Service at 866-310-1498 or 443-221-6766 (international) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (ET) Monday through Friday.

It’s time to write your American Dream story.

I’m putting at least $100,000 into these incredible startups.

The first two are ready for you.

And if you really want to hit the ground running, I’ve got a way to do that below.

Let’s get to work.

Daymond John
The People’s Shark

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