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Dear Reader –

Buck Jordan here. I want to thank you for joining me and John today as we unpacked the soon-to-be $22 trillion-dollar market of AI technology.

As far as I’m concerned, AI is THE #1 place to invest right now, and will be for the next 5 years, 10 years, and beyond.

Which is why I’m doing something unusual today.

Typically, membership to a syndicate like mine requires annual dues. Members are allowed access for 12 months. But the way I see it…


We’re in the middle of a technological mega trend. One that will create 6,000 million-dollar fortunes tomorrow... the day after… the next day… and every day for the next decade.

So here’s what I want to do.

Today, I’ll send you your first syndicate deal. Details on that are already prepped for you below.

After that, I’m going to guarantee you access to 24 additional AI startups. One a month, for 24 months. That’s more than double the deal flow of any syndicate I’m aware of right now.

Some of these will be startups I’m deeply involved in building. Like Miso Robotics, Graze, or Piestro.

Others will be coming from my personal network. Like Bridg, Winc, or Relativity Space.

Every single deal that comes your way will have gone through rigorous examination. Only the best of the best will make it to your inbox. (Starting with the revolutionary AI propulsion system you’ll discover below…)



This company’s revolutionary AI propulsion system could drive 20X valuation growth

And several government agencies are fighting to secure their stake.

Meaning, our first syndicate deal is following in the footsteps of startups like CMR Surgical, the robotic surgery unicorn which recently surpassed a $3 billion valuation…

Shield AI, a military surveillance startup that raised $210 million at a valuation over $1 billion just a few months ago…

Kiva Systems, the robot-powered warehouse startup purchased by Amazon for $775 million

SpaceX, the second-most valuable private company in the world, worth over $100 billion

Bowery Farming, the startup using AI to grow produce in any conditions valued at $2.3 billion in 2021…

This is the perfect time to invest in the $22 trillion AI revolution, and I think this startup (which already has a ton of traction) will be a $3 billion company on its own in just three years.

Let’s kick things off right now.

In 2020, over 10 million acres of the United States were ravaged by wildfires – an area larger than Massachusetts and Connecticut (total population of almost 10.5 million) combined.

Not only do these annual wildfires put millions of American lives in danger but the economic implications are disastrous, costing $150 billion or more per year.

There are two main ways to reduce these costs and limit the damage: suppress the fires quicker or prevent them altogether.

The first startup in our syndicate found an innovative solution to help with both.

Currently, the biggest issue facing wildfire-fighting efforts is the supply chain.

Wildfire crews don’t gather in one place. They’re spread throughout forests, attacking flames in several different spots at once.

Getting water, food, fuel, and other supplies to all these small crews is both time consuming and difficult. Helicopters can’t fly at night or with any kind of smoke impairing their vision, so currently, the only solution is for couriers to bring supplies to these crews one at a time.

As a former helicopter pilot, this problem really hits me. While this is heroic work, flying in these conditions is extremely dangerous. This company is saving so many lives with their technology.

With fresh food and drinking water in short supply, the crews quickly get tired and worn out, meaning they can only do the hard work of fighting fires a few hours a day.

But this company has tapped into the power of AI and robotics to keep wildfire crews fresh and energized for much longer – tripling the amount of time they can spend fighting fires each day.

The startup has developed a hybrid electric drone that can carry a heavy payload (up to 100 pounds) for several hours, allowing their drones to provide crucial supplies to wildfire crews in remote areas.

The results of this can save lives, money, and tons of precious land.

A 3X increase in daily firefighting time can save upwards of $1.5 billion and close to five million acres each year.

Wildfire fighting is a $10 billion industry and only the beginning of this startup’s plans.

Use Case 1:
Powerline Cleaning in Alaska

Problem: Alaska’s powerlines need regular de-icing. This is an extremely dangerous operation where a person needs to hang off the side of a helicopter and hose down the lines with de-icing fluid.

Solution: This startup is outfitting their drones with a tank and hose attachment that are perfect for this kind of work.

Total Addressable Market:

$5.88 billion by 2030


Use Case 2:
Medical Supply Delivery in Africa

Problem: Remote villages in Africa struggle with medical access. Countries like Kenya, Rwanda, and Ghana need help getting key medical supplies (blood, vaccines, medicine, etc.) to the people outside major cities.

Solution: A drone that can carry 100 pounds for several hours can make multiple supply drops in different villages before needing to be recharged. This is how competitor Zipline got its start. Zipline has grown by 20,422% in just nine years.

Total Addressable Market:

$118.26 billion by 2030


Use Case 3:
Maintenance for Offshore Wind Turbines (Contract Negotiations Happening Right Now!)

Problem: Soon, offshore wind energy could power 80% of the United States. But to do that, these wind farms require daily maintenance.

Currently, there are two ways companies can service a turbine: send a technician out by boat and have them climb to the top (new turbines average 853 feet tall – or the Statue of Liberty stacked on top of the Washington Monument) or airdrop the technician from a helicopter. Neither solution is convenient, and the helicopter, while faster, is dangerous for the technician, the helicopter, and the turbine.

Solution: This startup is currently negotiating a deal for their drones to maintain tens of thousands of turbines. That's a safer and cheaper solution that could mean hundreds of millions of dollars a year in revenue once the ink is dry.

Total Addressable Market:

$53.65 billion by 2030

While the company is solving a big problem and the market is absolutely massive, we need to know that the team can compete in this space.

A Rock-Star Founding Team:

The company founder is no stranger to forest fires, spending most of his life in Northern California. He was originally inspired to build the first prototype after having to evacuate with his family during the state’s annual wildfires. Had the fire spread just a couple of miles further, his home would have been a pile of ashes. He knew there had to be a better way, so he started building one.

Fortunately, the company founder already had some experience with cutting-edge technology since he was previously the lead electrical engineer for Tesla’s Semi truck program. Before that, he spent five years developing hybrid commercial fishing boats in Alaska.

Now, the founder isn’t alone on his mission.

A former high-ranking official in the U.S. Department of the Interior (who still has several high-ranking decision-maker contacts)…

An advisor with over 24 years in helicopter supply transportation and with major international business credentials (currently launching the company’s Drone-as-a-Service subsidiary in Europe)…

A former aerial firefighter with 40 years of experience battling wildfires…

A secret investor behind some of the biggest commercial aviation deals in recent history (acquisitions and service contracts worth several billion dollars).

Now, I want to hear from you.

I want to know exactly what you think of this and every other deal the team brings to you.

What gets you the most excited about the deal?

What burning questions do you have before investing your hard-earned money?

What concerns do you have?

I want to hear from you in our Virtual Boardroom so we can have a lively, productive discussion about each deal.

These discussions are crucial because…

In just a few days, we’ll bring on the company founders and put them in the Hot Seat.

And they’ll be speaking directly to you. They’ll have your most common, most pressing, most difficult questions in front of them, and they’ll have to prove to you and the other members why they deserve your money.

During the Hot Seat Session, we’ll also go through the deal’s Term Sheet together. This is a quick roundup of all the most important details… like share price, valuation, and instructions for making your investment if you choose to do so. This way, you’ll know exactly what to do if you decide to invest.

But before that happens, I have to ask…

Are you ready to join us?

If after reading the condensed Due Diligence Package above you want all the details on this deal (company name, detailed financials, and investing instructions), then I’d like to invite you to become an Inaugural Member of New Wave Syndicate!

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When you join New Wave Syndicate today, you will get a second year (12 additional deal recommendations) completely free of charge. This is our gift to you for being one of the first to join me in capitalizing on the $22 trillion AI revolution.

In total, you’ll receive all of the details and information on 24 deals from the New Wave Syndicate team over the next 24 months...

All deals with the potential to disrupt some of the world's largest industries and return otherworldly gains to early investors like you and me in the process. And of course…

Each deal comes with a complete Due Diligence Package.

The full Due Diligence Package you receive will be several times longer than what you read above. This package is all the sensitive, proprietary, and secret information the startups hide from competitors at all costs… but which investors are entitled to see.

Key financial documents, marketing plans, big deals that are close to being signed, patent pipelines, and more – everything the company has in the works to skyrocket their revenues and prove to early investors they’re worth your money.

On top of that, the Research Team put together an easy-to-understand summary of the package to help shed some light on everything included. The team’s analysis will help you identify huge opportunities and any points of concern… all to help you make a better, more informed decision about whether or not to invest.

The future of American prosperity is here.

Every single day, 6,000 new million-dollar fortunes are up for grabs. There’s no reason you and the other members can’t find a way to claim a few of these for yourselves.

Our mission is to give you the best possible chance to do so with these deals.

But in order to access the details on these deals – 24 over the next 24 months – you need to fill out the form below and subscribe to New Wave Syndicate. Because of the nature of these deals – not to mention my special gift (12 additional deals) for Inaugural Members – I can only accept 500 new members today.

Remember, these aren’t just any deals you can find floating around on the internet…

These are deals from my personal deal flow – companies that come to me first and have to make it through my team and the independent Research Team before I even look at them. Then, after I approve them they go back through the Angels & Entrepreneurs team for one final round of review before we finally showcase them to you. I get at least one pitch a day, so these deals really are the best of the best.

And you’re not just going to take my word for it. You have everything you need to make an informed decision on your own.

When You Join Me:

Every entrepreneur will be put in the Hot Seat…

You will receive a Due Diligence Package on every opportunity…

You will be a part of every forum, meeting, and conversation around these deals…

You’ll receive a full SWOT Analysis for each deal…

You will receive continued updates from founders (Remember: They have to earn your money!)…

And you’ll receive real-time notifications when I’m scouting a new deal or meeting with an exciting team or when I go live and give you the chance to ask these founders your questions right there with me.

And we’ll be keeping tabs on these companies as they grow. Every time there’s a major development with the company (explosive valuation growth, acquisitions, or a billion-dollar deal), we’ll send you an instant email update.

We check in with their executive team. And we'll discuss our thoughts on their exit potential.

This is a level of access, research, and analysis – it’s nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Accumulating all the due diligence on even one single deal could run tens of thousands of dollars, and there’s almost no chance a startup would share that information with just anybody.

In the future, we plan to charge $5,000 per year for this research service. Not only are we severely reducing that price to just $1,950 but we ’re also offering a second year absolutely free. So you’re paying less than $1,000 per year for access to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of research and insights and two dozen chances at a unicorn startup. It only takes one.

Now you see why we can only take a handful of new members today… and why we can’t offer any refunds.

Just fill out the order form below, lock in your Inaugural Membership price, and the New Wave Syndicate team will issue your full Due Diligence Package right away. Then, I’ll see you in the Virtual Boardroom.

To our prosperous future,

Buck Jordan

Founder, New Wave Syndicate

April 2022

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